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Gilmore Valve Company is a world-class valve designer and manufacturer dedicated to the success of our customers. Based in Houston, Gilmore provides the finest high-pressure, high-performance hydraulic valve solutions in the industry. Since the 1960s, respected energy firms have taken our precision equipment to extreme environments all around the world, and to record depths, pressures and temperatures, most recently off the coast of Brazil and in the Gulf of Mexico.

We earn our reputation daily by designing and customizing hydraulic valves and regulators to exacting standards, using only the finest materials and the most advanced hydro-seal technology available.

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Gilmore Valve was formerly part of the Galathea Group, the parent company to some of the most innovative oilfield service companies in the world. Earlier this year, a new financing arrangement was completed which allowed the Galathea Group to merge with Proserv to form one single entity. This single entity is now officially known as Proserv and all companies previously part of the Galathea Group will be recognised and branded as Proserv.

Proserv has a large global footprint employing almost 800 people in 10 countries and 21 sites. Our combined group of companies provide products and services for the entire oilfield lifecycle. Each of the companies, including Gilmore Valve, has a track record of proven project delivery and to bring these businesses together under one cohesive organization with its own identity will not only enhance Proserv’s market presence, but extend our global reach and support coverage. Furthermore, it will help launch the Gilmore brand to a wider market enabling us to support our high-quality valve solutions to customers wherever in the world they are based.

For further information and to find out more about Proserv, please visit our website – This is an exciting time for the Gilmore Valve team and we look forward to your continued support as we transition to Proserv.

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